The name "Rice & Gold" was inspired by an old Chinese children's story, "One Rice Thousand Gold." In the story, an old woman takes pity on a poor boy who sits by the river, trying to catch fish to feed his family. She gives him a bowl of rice to eat, that day and every day after that. He promises to repay her.

The boy grows up to be a kind, brave and generous man—the king, in fact. And he never forgets his promise. He finds the old woman, bows to her and says, "Please take these thousand pieces of gold." Instead of accepting the gold, she asks him to pay the favor forward by being generous to others.

To us, this parable represents the hospitality and generosity we extend to all of our guests from the kitchen of Chef Dale Talde and Executive Chef Jae Lee. But we like to add a gilded edge, too—see some pictures of the space. Your every meal at Rice & Gold is guaranteed to be warm and satisfying—and to come with unexpected surprises.