Dim Sum NYC Gets a New Spin at Rice & Gold


Dim sum is the ultimate shared experience. It actually translates into “little gifts from the heart,” which perfectly encapsulates the hospitality and love that each dish offers. It can be anything -- fresh fruit, farm-fresh veggies lightly dressed, dumplings -- but the range and intimacy makes it the best way to experience anyone’s cooking.

Enjoying dim sum actually makes me think of being a little kid on the beach hunting for seashells. There’s this idea of exploration, of discovering new treasures. Whether remnants of the past or present, you get to enjoy the experience of something found. Combine that with a multitude of tastes and textures, and you get to enjoy a dining experience that’s as much of an adventure as it is a meal. You pick and choose the quantity of food and the flavors you want to explore.


Presentation -- that’s where dim sum really makes its mark. Whether or not it’s served on rolling carts, all the restaurants in New York City have their own style of dim sum. Here at Rice and Gold in the Hotel 50 Bowery, we put a little swag into it. Take our shrimp and bacon shu mai -- it’s a classic dish, but we tweaked the flavor profile and top it with Benton’s ham and pickled mustard seed, giving it a chic, New York-inspired presentation. Our food isn’t just coming at you as something steaming in a basket. There’s style and grace to compliment the flavor.

That communal spirit extends beyond presentation and into the flavors we feature as well. Yes, we serve dim sum, but I always like to push the boundaries of what it means to be traditional. I want to know what my Latino prep cooks are making for their family for dinner. I want to blend cultures and tastes and traditions. Take curry and mole, for instance. There’s very little difference between the way each is made, so why can’t I make a curry with smoked and dried chipotle peppers, then serve it with rice and tortillas?

That’s just the way my head works, and it helps my food represent New York City. That blend of cultures found here results in a cuisine that begs to be explored and makes for the best restaurants in Chinatown NYC. I want to showcase inventive, flavorful and unique food at Rice and Gold. It’s our specialty, it’s how we flex; taking the communal and hospitable tradition of dim sum and giving it a truly New York spice.

Looking for your next dim sum NYC experience? Check our our menu and make your reservation here.

Nick Johnson